Tiger900 – A new name for a new generation. The new Tiger 900 is a bike with the capability, the engine, the chassis, the technology and the aggressive adventure style to give you the freedom to realise whatever riding adventures you wish to embark upon.


A larger capacity new Euro 5 compliant 900cc triple engine brings improved performance to the Tiger 900. The Tiger 900’s new T-plane triple crank and new 1,3,2 firing order has improved the character, off-road feel and on road performance of the engine


Innovative, progressive technology for maximum convenience, control and comfort. The new Tiger 900 range is loaded with an incredibly high level of ride-enhancing state-of-the-art technology designed specifically to maximise your riding.


It certainly wasn’t an easy job to build upon the strong attributes of the Tiger 800, but what Triumph has managed to achieve with the Tiger 900 GT Pro and Rally Pro bikes is quite promising.

The Tiger is consistent and the new one feels like a sequel to the previous one – not rewriting anything, and yet making plot all the more interesting.

The new Tigers are fantastic machines, far sharper than the old ones and far more focussed on what the riders will use them for.

The Tiger now strikes a sweet balance between adventure and touring. It also retains the exceptional build quality and premiumness that Triumphs are known for. Its high levels of equipment and connectivity features makes it all the more tempting.

The new Tiger 900 is the best all-round motorcycle in the mid-capacity engine space. The new Tiger 900 is better than the older one by leaps and bounds.

The new-generation Triumph Tiger 900 ticks all the right boxes for those who are looking to have a mid-size ADV in their garage.

These motorcycles still manage to feel incredibly familiar to those who have rode a Tiger before. However, they are a lot better in almost every scenario.

Tiger 900 Video